So a funny story here… A while back we were looking for some place to shoot our photos. We needed an updated version of NeverWake due to our change in appearance (Johnny D cut his hair :'( …). Being that we have an eerie / creepy feel to our music we felt that it was only appropriate that we pick a location that fit the profile. So we were looking around and we found what we thought was the perfect location:

Creepy(Due to the respect of the house owner we will not mention the name of this location.)

We were like “DUDE THIS PLACE IS AWESOME! WE HAVE TO SHOOT HERE!” So we decided to do some research on who owned the house and the property. Thankfully we found out that someone still owned the house. So we called them…

“Yea… You don’t want to go in there…” the owner said. We were inclined to ask why. It turns out that Uncle Teddy (who built the house somewhere between 1800’s – 1900’s) died of Tuberculosis inside the house at a very young age. The city at that time ordered that the windows be opened and the sunlight let in to rid the disease. We thought “Ok so the house was abandon and had TB a long time ago, it’s probably fine now.” The owner then went on… Her nephew, many years later, decided he would try to renovate the house for his own. After one year of living there he died of tuberculosis. “Oh…” we thought. So the owner then boarded up the house because she saw that it was not fit to live in.


After the house had been boarded up for many years, three people decided to sneak into the house and stay there a couple nights. After just 2 days they were all hospitalized for tuberculosis… At this point we were thanking the heavens that someone owned this house and we didn’t just waltz in there.

As the conversation proceeded we found out, the structure is unstable and could collapse at any time, it’s built on a swamp which doesn’t help, there’s black mold filling the house and oh yea it’s haunted.¬†Apparently people have seen apparitions of a white robed woman in the windows.


(Just some nice words someone decided to leave on the walls :)…)¬†

Needless to say we did NOT shoot there. We all value our lives, health, and souls thank you very much. Instead we found a nice run-down theatre that worked perfect for the photoshoot and we all made it out alive. So the moral of the story is, DON’T GO INSIDE STRUCTURALLY UNSOUND TUBERCULOSIS INFESTED HOUSES WHERE SEVERAL PEOPLE HAVE DIED AND IS HAUNTED DAILY. Hope we taught you something.